What are Dealer Success Groups?

DEALER SUCCESS GROUPS are groups of like-minded dealers who are seeking to reach new levels of success in business.
Our primary focus is to address the issues surrounding your industry and specific situation.  The result?  Working together, we find ways to make your dealership more efficient and profitable.

Once you are enrolled, your dealer success group will:

  • consist of seven to twelve like-minded dealers
  • meet, on-line, for 1 hr/month
  • have a group leader that guides you and your group
  • gain insight from industry, leaders and experts – through on-line webinars and resources
  • have the opportunity to attend an annual meet-n-greet event for you and your managers
  • provide owners and their managers an opportunity to participate
  • have access to a group webpage full of meeting content, resources and webinars
  • give you the opportunity to get direct feedback and share insights on your biggest issues