How do I involve my managers?

Meetings and topics will vary month to month.  For example, when a topic addresses the service department, we strongly recommend that you bring in your service department management team for the group meeting(s).  The same is true for parts, sales and office staff.

How many people can I have participate?

From your individual dealership, you can have many as you can put around your computer screen.  We encourage you to involve different members of your team when the topics can benefit them and your dealership.

Can I have a Dealer Success Group only for my group of dealerships?

Yes.  If you have a group of 4 or more dealerships, you might benefit from having your own Dealer Success Group.  You might find it extremely beneficial in making sure all stores are utilizing the same processes and practices.

How much time will this require?

The time you invest depends on what you want to get out of your dealer success group.  Some dealers feel that 2-3 hours per month is plenty but you and your team could invest 3-5 hours per month, depending upon your goals and your desire to train your people.

What happens if I miss a group meeting?

We know that things come up and, especially during busy season, things come up that you don’t expect.  Your group meetings will be recorded and available to you along with other resources on your member page.  Plus, your team leader will be in contact with you via email and your member page with updates and important information you may want to know about.

What if I have specific questions that I don’t want to share with everyone else?

You will be able to access the team at BCI and Dealer Success groups if you have a specific question or need.

Can I change my meeting time or group if I find it is not a good fit for me?

Yes, we will be glad to work with you to find a time frame and group that best meets your needs.

Will I need to provide my financial information?

No.  The only reason you will be asked to provide financial information is if you need confidential input or review of your business.  At times, we may, as a group, discuss general topics like shop recovery rates and parts inventory management.  In cases like these, it might be helpful if you had access to your numbers when these topics are discussed but it is certainly not a requirement and will not be shared with the group.

Will there be off-site meetings that I am required to attend?

No. There will be an optional meet and greet opportunity that you have the opportunity to attend.  These will be held in conjunction with major manufacturers meetings, national events or expos that you will, most likely, already be attending.

I see the investment is paid annually. Is there any way I can pay on a quarterly basis?

Yes, we will be glad to invoice you and process your subscription on a quarterly basis.  If you are interested in this option, you will need to have a credit card on file with us.  The Dealer Success Group investment – paid on a quarterly basis will be $975 or $3900 annually.  For quarterly installments, email